Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Caterpillar Book of the day

Today's book study was 'From Caterpillar to butterfly' by Deborah Helligan.
It is part of the Lets read and find out about Science series.
The illustrations are beautiful and the story itself is great for Kindergarten and preschool (but informative enough to still be of interest to Grade 1 and 2).
The Princesses especially liked it because the 'star' of the story is the Painted Lady Butterfly (the very same species we have undergoing metamorphosis in our living room!)

We used the book to:
  • answer a list of comprehension questions.
  • color a Monarch Caterpillar life cycle chart
  • add some new words to our science dictionary
  • complete a word an definition matching worksheet for the words: cocoon, pupa, metamorphosis, proboscis, chrysalis and molting.
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