Wednesday, July 20, 2011

working at the car wash...

'Blue Car' was in desperate need of a clean. I swear the Texas dust and pollens were about an inch thick. Miss K has always loved going through the car wash machine, Mini Piwi is not so keen. Since it was just Miss K and I shopping today, we called into our usual drive thru wash and. We even spent the extra $2 to get a seal coat (whatever that it). On a whim we decided to give the free vacuums a go. I was surprised at how much fun we had using the VERY high powered vacuums to get the backseat cleaner than it has been in years! The highlight for Miss K was a mat cleaning machine. You feed a dirty old car mat into it, there is a lot of shaking and whirring, and the machine spits out your nearly new looking mat.

Once again I was reminded that even what I might consider a routine 'chore' may be something the kids will have fun helping with and might even learn a thing or two!

It took a car wash to remind me to see things through my Piwis' eyes!