Thursday, February 23, 2012

Money Lapbook update

Our coin folder is one of several I have made up for Miss K. Coins and time have been a source of
frustation for her. There is so much that comes naturally to Miss K. When it doesn't, it isn't always pretty. I went online to find some coin related math games. Instead I found some inspiring lapbooks other moms have used and created.
most of the components I found here on 1 +1+ 1=1 my new favorite blog.

We used our money set from learning resources to play 'candy store'. The lapbook has cards with pictures of  candy on them, it's 'price' and several circles to use as a guide . Miss K selects a card and then lays down the coins she needs to 'buy it'. Mini Piwi adapted the activity into a matching game. Lining the right coin size to the size of the circles on  each card.

Mini Piwi is busy busy!