Friday, April 13, 2012

Adjectives, first grade style

Miss K seems to be overwhelmed with what she calls 'big weird words' this year in her reading and grammar lessons. She has a point. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, predicates do sound pretty weird. I didn't ask her opinion on more recently learnt concepts, (antonyms, synonyms and homophones) as figured it may be less than polite. It did get me thinking about how I could create visual reminder for each of these concepts. Finally, I decided on a kind of poster book which we could create together and then use as a reference. I wanted each concept/word to have a theme or picture to associate with it so hopefully Miss K could think of the page we created when she heard the word.

First up was Adjectives. This was to be a flower with petals of describing words. There are eight petals for Miss K to add adjectives to. Four petals have hints on them such as 'number of petals' and four were left blank for her to come up with her own.

Perry was surprisingly comfortable demonstrating how petals should be arranged on the poster.