Monday, April 30, 2012

Mini Piwi's fun with Bugs and Blue

Our Blue themed books for Mini Piwi (24 mth)


This past week was all about the color Blue for Mini Piwi (and Ladybugs, but we will get to that in a minute). We started off with a Blue hunt and collected every blue toy and  (toddler friendly) item we could find around the house. Miss K even thought of including our 'Blues Clues' books which was a good thing because Mini Piwi carried these around for most of the week. She was also super excited to discover Donald the duck wore blue and he also joined any outings we had. 
We went on a hunt for blue toys and Mini Piwi used them to make a 'club house' for her Mickey mouse friends.
Here is Mini Piwi's Blue sticker collage -we have been putting these all together in a folder to make her own little book of colors.

Impromptu Lady Bug Tot book

The lady bugs were an impromptu theme this week after the Piwi's found a Ladybug with an injured leg at the park. I tried to reason that we probably couldn't help it. The Piwis insisted and we took her home on a leaf. This prompted a web search of how to make a habitat and what to feed 'Orange' the Ladybug. Miss K's plan was to let her recuperate. I wasn't very good at hunting for aphids/green bugs so we made do with the suggested moistened raisins.
Lady bug tot book
Working on the lady bug 'parts' sheet.
Mini Piwi choose blue after a week of it!

The Piwis got busy with a Ladybug tot book. The tot book was not only fun but also distracted Mini Piwienough that she gave up asking to nap with the Ladybug.
I loved that the Piwis to worked together on this! I even got a bit teary when I saw them running together to show Daddy piwi their project.

Once again my precious Piwis showed me that as adults we don't know it all,  because by the next day Orange was walking well again and ready to be released!

We got the templates from
 'The grouchy ladybug'.