Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday field trip: Under the sea to meet a Sea turtle

This week we visited Sea life to welcome their new Sea turtle, Hope. We had found out recently that she had been rehabilitated by Florida turtle hospital. Hope was hit by a boat and her injury resulted in her only being able to float. . When we saw her today, she had a white patch on her back which was a weight to help her sink to deeper water. The weights can come off so she can't be released back into the wild. I wish we had got some better pictures of her because she was beautiful!

Thank you to Florida turtle hospital for saving this amazing animal
you can get a virtual tour of the hospital here
We checked out the site and met Tini, he is a tough little guy recovering from a virus AND shark attack.

Some other highlights from the visit were the touch tank, the Sealife quiz card and the shark walk...
touching a chocolate chip starfish

One of the quiz questions scattered around the center

Miss K inside a viewing bubble

Mini Piwi getting a very close look by lying on the ground in the shark walk

One view of the shark and rays

Meeting a decorator crab