Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tot School: Pink, Trees and Sea life -a busy week

This week was kind of hectic. Miss K is finishing up First grade and we had some projects to finish up for an Art and science fair. Instead of having Mini Piwi do separate activities this week she was learning along side big sis. As I should have known, she loved it! Miss K wasn't always so sure but it was an important lesson in patience and tolerance for her. I love watching them hang out!

Monday: Mini Piwi mixed colors like there was no tomorrow on a giant cut up box -she started with a brush when she was trying to be like her big sis but gave in to temptation when I demonstrated the finger painting alternative. The only thing she enjoyed even more was watching the colors in the bottom of the shower when she showered later (no amount of wipes was going to get all that paint off!).
Tuesday: Making a Wilbur mask for Big sis's Charlotte web theme

Tuesday: Pink activity, stickers, glue and cutting paper -some of mini piwis favs!

Wednesday: Nature Study at the park -Mini Piwi collected leaves, made a 'club house' under this pine tree and had her first go doing a  leaf rubbing

Thursday we baked desserts for a homeschool event
Mini Piwi mashes up the bananas for choc zucchini muffins

Friday we took a feild trip to the Sealife where Mini Piwi...
hunted for clues to the quiz

Petted a chocolate chip starfish

Met a decorator crab

Got a very close look at sharks and stingrays -by lying on the glass floor