Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Walmart ABCs

We needed more moving boxes to 'half pack'. 
S for snap peas - family fav.
On our summer list to do list is 'do an ABC scavenger hunt'. It was supposed to be an all summer project but I decided to challenge the piwis to do it in Walmart instead. It took a good hour but it was actually one of least stressful visit i have ever had to Walmart. Sure we got a few odd looks but I'm sure the staff have seen stranger things.
M for M&Ms

The hunt was on as we entered the store, we looked around and took pictures of things for each letter of the alphabet. Some needed some real thought and some big hunting -like for the one single box of mini quiche we found in the freezers for the letter 'q'. Miss K was annoyed that they did don't sell 'quills'.