Monday, July 16, 2012

Dr Mini Piwi treats her toys


 To the untrained (and non toddler) eye, this looks like a tent filled with stuffed animals. It is, however, the waiting room for Dr Mini Piwi. This week she began giving everyone a 'check-up' using various toys and craft items she found. Here she is examining Jojo...
 and here is 'blue teddy' resting in the hospital tent...
She even managed to get her Big sister to bring the animals to her and explain their ailments. I joined in the fun after a bit, but not I sat quietly outside the bedroom door and just watched and listened to all the cute goings on...It is moments like this that make me so glad to be a Mama to these two amazing kids! It was toys they were caring for today but it made me realize they were asking the toys the how they felt and comforting them. It makes you realize that kids aren't just playing, they are rehearsing for real life.





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