Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fireworks, parks and 'wocks'

Mini Piwi is 30.5 mths
 We waited until the evenings last week to go to the park because it was sooo hot. At 6pm it was still in the late 90s but the sun had gone down enough to stop feeling like it was going to melt you. The Piwi's made the most of all our park visits...
Mini Piwi does a 'crazy shake' on the rocking whale

Miss K starts a swing-athon

A tiny spider manages to clear the piwis off the slide

Mini Piwi enlists Miss K's help in finding 'wocks' for her collection

Miss K works on her hula hooping skills
Mini Piwi gets to see her first fire works (she has always slept through past years)
One highlight of the week was definitely seeing fireworks from our balcony two nights in a row! We got to see our city's display and the neighboring city the following night. Mini Piwi was a bit disappointed on July 5 that there was no show!
The other highlight of course was having Daddy Piwi home from work on July 4 to make us pancakes!



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