Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Theme begins....

Inspired by Mini Piwi's new obsession with all things Gabba Gabba, I decided to find or make a Pre K pack for her. While searching for clipart I discovered that Nick Jr has a lot of printables that I could use in the pack. I just needed to add a few pre writing, letters and counting activites...

We started off by making some 'super skates' inspired by Mini Piwi's favorite episode 'super spies'

We recycled some tissue boxes, covered them with Piwi decorated paper and flowers

 I was reminded by mini Piwi that Super skates had a button you push to make them go fast. Flames are also required.
Demonstrating how to push the buttons on the Super skates

What happens if you go too fast on super skates! 
We arelooking forward to having fun with the rest of the Gabba activities

From Nick Jr
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