Saturday, November 10, 2012

Metric Measuring: Length

When we arrived in the US, the non metric-ness (not the best grammar) really caught me off guard. Teaching inches and pounds last year was a bit hair raising to be honest. The only thing I can relate to in imperial measurement is sewing, hemlines and seam allowance. Thanks to my amazing Nana that's how we learnt to sew. Love you Nana!
Anyway, I was extremely relieved that this year Miss K was onto metric measurement! I am going to have to start tutoring myself on conversions between metric and imperial for next year I suspect.

We started with length this week and made our own meter 'sticks'. You can print them off here.
Printable meter sticks and tape measures. We colored them in while talking about the increments on the 'stick' and them set off to measure things. The task was to find 3 things that were less than a metre, 3 more than a metre, 3 more more than 2 meters and 3 about a meter.

It was a busy time with Piwis running all over the house. Perry the cat did not appreciate being measured, nor categorized.