Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving under the Sea

The week started off slowly. Miss K was getting her energy back from a week long bout of Bronchitis. Just as her temperature was dropping, Mini Piwi's was one point I had both of them leaning on me, asleep. Perry the cat came to sit on my lap and I dared not move except to reach for my e-reader. That was probably the sweetest moment of the week, my two 'babies' sleeping and cuddled up to me, a fuzzy friend and a book. In the quiet I even had the idea to create a planner for our advent activities...

When everyone was up, I got out a blank note book and together we made an 'Advent diary'. Amanda Bennet's Christmas Study Co-op on Face book begins on Nov 26. My theory goes...if we start AB Christmas and Truth in the Tinsel on Sun 25 and carry on until Three Kings Day (Jan 6) this would give us an Advent celebration of 45 days. One each day I made a basic list the activities each program suggested for us. I also hope to add in things we do or see or learn to make it a kind of keepsake.

Our printer wasn't cooperating so I just went old school and ruled up a 6 week calendar. The Piwis and I then worked together to add all the Feast days and the number of each Sunday in Advent.We also added Mini Piwi's birthday to the Calendar. Three years ago Mini Piwi was due to arrive on Christmas Day. She was born a few days early and was less than a week old when she had her first White Christmas in IL.

The Piwis decorated the first few pages with Santa and candy canes stickers. Little did they know that this was their first lesson...
I asked 'Is there something missing in these Christmas decorations?' Miss K looked puzzled at first and then I saw the light bulb over her head . 'Jesus!' she said. Mini Piwi of course copied her because she is the cutest little parrot. At this point Miss k began sticking in some candy canes upside down to make the J and wrote the rest of his name.

By Wednesday everyone was just left with a lingering cough. Mini Piwi still wasn't in the mood for anything but drawing and playing with our new set of Cuisinaire rods. Of course she still wanted to be involved with Miss K's lessons!

For Thanks giving we decided to eat out at Downtown Aquarium. We had been planning to go at some point and since we are moving out of the area this Month it was as good chance to go. It was definitely an experience the kids will remember. the aquarium on site is fairly small but still good for younger kids that aren't going to be staying for long visit. Personally I wasn't thrilled with the idea of a big beautiful white tiger being in a large glass cage but the kids sat there enthralled watching him. The highlight though was the restaurant's the humongous tank with giant fish and an eel that looked like he wanted to eat our food or us ( hard to know). It was like having Thanksgiving under the sea.

Spot the eel watching to see if any food gets dropped

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