Sunday, November 11, 2012

The letter E for Elephants and a surprise egg!

This week we continued with our Animal themed alphabet...

Sid the Science kid has a great episode on shadows which we watched together and then did the animal shadow shape match activity together.  The episode does a good job explaining why we don't see any details in a shadow, only the outline of a shape. It inspired me to make shadow puppets with the Piwi's too.

Tuesday was Free Afternoon at the zoo so we decided to take a trip to see how much the baby Elephants have grown....

Mini Piwi wanted to take this little one home but I told her his mummy would miss him

And I wouldn't want to argue with this mummy!! They were such a sweet family though

We were so luckky to be able to see these beautiful and intelligent animals up close! Of course there are disadvantages of being this close, not so fresh smelling at times.

Mini Piwi Tour guide

We had visited for the elephants but Miss K discovered a hatching chick in the Hatchery. We stood there watching this little guy push his way out of an egg for as long as we could but he still had a way to go...I think this was definately something the kids will remember.

We got to do a few more E themed activities. The ones I got pictures of were making more of 1+1+1=1 cute ABC flashcards and the gluing elephants into the letter E

Mini Piwi also helped Big Sis with her Measuring project

By the end of the week, poor thing had a cold and just wanted to cuddle and watch Yo Gabba Gabba. Thankfully, she is on the mend now and is back to being her usual dancing & smiling self.

This week we used these awesome links for our printables!
1+1+1=1 Letter E printables for toddlers
1+1+1=1 ABC mazes
No time for flash cards E theme
2 teaching mommies Zoo theme pack
first-school-ABC printable mini books

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