Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Wonderful wizard of Oz literature unit

Miss K enjoyed watching the original MGM wizard of OZ movie last year. This week we began reading the book by L. Frank Baum. It is amazing that kids and adults alike have been enjoying this story for over 100 years.

Within minutes of starting the book Miss K spotted a difference. Dorothy is given silver shoes not ruby red ones. Later, after bedtime I did a quick google check. Somehow, I missed the 70 year old memo that the MGM movie screenplay was very different to Baum's book. Miss K is enjoying the story but is pretty much convinced the book is wrong. Her skepticism is in part because she recalls we bought the book on clearance and is convinced  it was on sale because it is not the real version.I showed her the google article and Miss k pointed out that i had told her that not everything you see on TV or the computer is true. Wow I suppose I should have anticipated that one. I tried to explain again but (as i felt gray hairs growing) decided sometimes you need to learn something for yourself and no amount of convincing is going to help.

For now we are reading the book and then at the end we will watch the movie and compare and contrast the two.
Thankfully I didn't even need to come up with the Venn Diagram template. Walking by the way has included one in their Wizard of oz pack

I am working on the rest of the notebook pages for this unit.
Included are:
  • A mini unit on Tornadoes -an extension of our weather science unit
  • A shoe themed language mini unit
  • Wizard of oz pack: create your own Oz character, word find, comprehension questions and copy work
  • Character studies
  • Lessons from the story
  • Book report: Chapter timeline, Setting and ending

So far the links I have found for my printables:
Book sequencing template for chapter summary Free @TpT

Story retelling cards @ First grade parade
wizard of oz lapbook

Home school Creations also have a Wizard of OZ tot pack I was thinking of using since Mini Piwi has been enjoying the story and cute illustrations too. The characters in the tot pack are so cute that Miss K would probably like them in her notebook too.

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