Friday, November 16, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba and Jellybeans

Last week we made some Super Skates inspired by Yo Gabba Gabba's Super Spies episode.  This week we worked with some of the printables on Nick Jr and some more Tot school-like activities I made up for Mini Piwi. At some point I hope to get it all together into a pack for other YGG fans
to use.

We got a few pictures of the size sequence activity. Mini Piwi loved this because I had made Brobee 'big' like he is in another favourite episode (which coincidentally, is also on the Super spies DVD).

Mini Piwi was all about the stapler this week!

Getting really good with the scissors simply with practice and watching big sis do it

We started playing letter bingo last weekend and when I called out each letter I would say a word starting with the letter. Download a copy from here

At one point I said J for Jellybean and this apparently inspired the candy crazy Mini Piwi. From then on she was looking for J on all the bingo cards. This was why I quickly came up with several J for jellybean activities. Yo Gabba Gabba will be there another day.

Sorting Jellybeans into Jars by color

See the post here for the Foofa inspired hair garland we made from recycled egg cartons

We also got to review the Think fun Roll and Play game. I am still working on the review but it was pretty popular and is still coming out several times a day.
Team Piwi activities:
I am trying to find more activities the Piwi's can work on together. The challenge of course is having something that works at Pre K and Gr 2 level. Nature studies are a winner and this week one just about landed in my lap...
I have also added daily hands on Math activities into our plan. These have been based around what Big sis is learning in Math. I then find way that I can use it for Pre K. In the case of the Jelly bean sorting activity. This was adapted from an intro to division and fraction activity Miss K did with the Jars and Jelly beans. It worked well. Both Piwis worked side by side and I sat in the Middle and helped as needed. Each Piwi explained there chart show and tell style.

Using last weeks Measuring 'sticks' again -Mini Piwi loves these
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