Monday, December 31, 2012

2nd grade-ish Curriculum plan for 2013

Last year we were virtual schooling so we had the year's lesson plans laid out for us. You can read more about our journey and curriculum here.

I had only planned our lessons until the end of the year so we could make any required changes in our curriculum. Here is what I have so far...I am still

Language arts/spelling

  • Copy work from St. Annes Helper. Miss K can review her Catechism and do copy work at the same time! We downloaded some samples last week and they were great. Miss K proudly showed Daddy her beautiful writing.

  • Continuing with Learning Language arts through literature (3rd grade)

  • MCP phonics B

The Math in Focus curriculum is sold in two parts, we had just purchased the first semester books just in case it wasn't a good fit. The lesson themselves are really good for Miss K. We just recently changed up the order we did the chapters. I felt Miss K needed more confidence in addition and subtraction before we could move onto multiplication. I got a bit sneaky. We did two lessons of math each day. One from the math in focus measurement unit (chapters ) and then later in the day some from Mammoth math addition and subtraction 2b. Usually miss K also does 20 mins on that's kind of three math lessons. She has yet to notice because she doesn't consider measuring stuff and computer work 'Math'. Having said that, the IXl novelty is starting to wear off now that the virtual prizes are not coming as readily now as they do in the beginning.


We have a few more days left of Advent and then we return to our Galloping the globe.
Dogs unit study Click here to view more details

Roller coasters Click here to view more details

 Volatile volcanoes Click here to view more details

    Grade 2: Call to Faith . Miss K really loves this series. We were using Faith and Life last year but our Parish is using this, but even if/when we move I would continue with it.

  • St Anne's Helper copy work books. The samples we tried were really good so we have ordered some for Miss K. Use discount code: catholicmom
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