Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Science round up

Last week we had a Christmas Science linky. I was excited to see all the creative ideas. For future use  wanted to put these and the other resources,we found to use, together in one post. There is nothing to stop us from 'doing' holiday science after Christmas day. We had planned to continue the advent season to Three kings day. Let me know if you try out any of these ideas or have something else to add to this list.

Playing with Pine needles @Fantastic Fun and Learning

Advent Pine cone Bird Feeder @ The Tiger Chronicles

Math & Science with Balloons in the cold @Blog me Mom

It's snowing angles @Relentlessly fun, Deceptively Ed

Chocolate lollipops & States of Matter @Relentlessly Fun

Thinking about Christmas Printables @Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk!
Snow flake Science @ The Tiger Chronicle
Here are some other older Christmas/winter related science projects I found around the web. Most of them I would say are fairly kid friendly (with adult supervision). I steered clear of anything involving flames.

photo credit
Glow in the Dark Crystal Snowflakes. Depending on the age of your kids you can use Sugar or borax to make the crystals for this project.

Chemistry, making saturated solutions, evaporation

Snow Ice cream recipes: Use the snow to make Zip lock bag ice cream or use clean snow as a base for your creamy treat. I also found another recipe at The Party animal

Tags:Chemistry, states of matter, food science

Poinsettia pH paper @ Science made fun.
Extract the red pigment (which responds to changes in acidity) from poinsettias and use it to make your own pH paper strips.

Tags: Chemistry, Acids and bases, Plant science

Photo credit

Homemade gum drops

Homemade candy canes

Tags: Chemistry, Food Science, Involves use of heat.

Christmas tree investigation@
Tags: Plant Science & Observation

Leftover Christmas candy vs. Heat @ Almost Unschoolers
Tags: Chemistry, effect of heat on food, melting points, states of matter

Santa's sleigh race &Christmas tree buzzer game @Snapshot Science
Tags: Electrical science, circuit diagrams, force of motion, basic machines

In the meantime I have found some good free printables for Christmas themed science activities. Sigma science (UK) have two really good booklets to download. They are cut and paste type activities that would be appropriate for K-3 (maybe older?).
Sigma Christmas Science investigations

 Let me know if you try out any of these ideas or have something else to add to this list. Be sure to tell the original posters how much you liked the ideas too!