Saturday, December 8, 2012

Counting, Crafts and St Nick

This week Mini Piwi was busy busy with all her Christmas Crafts. She can't get enough since we started Truth in the Tinsel.
The Christmas sensory box made it's first appearance. It was pretty popular....

For St Nicholas day we gave Krispie cringle a makeover to make our own little St Nicholas

Playing dominoes for the first time with Big Sis!

Truth in the tinsel 'song'
Miss K was writing her letter to Santa on St Nicholas day and Mini Piwi insisted she was going to write one too! She told me what she would like and then signed her name and added stickers.

Mini Piwi helped make Happy Herbivore's Self crusting pumpkin pie. As soon as I step in the kitchen now she is carrying her 'helping chair' to see what's going on and help out.  The pie was yum!!

This week we worked on counting by adding buttons to Gingerbread men. We went up to 5.
Mini Piwi loved it.
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