Saturday, January 7, 2012

Human body lapbook: Heart and Lungs

Coloring in the lungs
Heart and Lung copy work
After our discussion and online reading Miss K was able to fill in the answers in the Heart mini books
Showing some appreciation to the heart and lungs?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Counting toddlers, bears and stickers

When Mini Piwi isn't racing the cat 'round the house or dancing with Mickey mouse clubhouse she is in the middle of most of Miss K's lessons. I had been (incorrectly) thinking I could distract her with her own activities but that usually didn't work too well. Lately, however, she has been asking to do a sticker book together and loves to play with the counting bears. Piwi Dad has to play hide and seek most evenings with the Piwis. Last week we all stood there with our mouths open as we heard Mini Piwi very clearly count to 13. Yay!

Human body lapbook: Blood without the guts

Part one: Blood
This morning we looked at the Circulatory system.
We read from Panoramas Human Body by Nicolas Harris. It has a great picture showing magnified blood. To learn more we made a model of the blood using water, cherrios, marshmallows and a pom pom (as you do). Water represented the plasma, the marshmallows were the white blood cells and the cherrios were the red blood cells. To show how the red blood cells were the 'red part' of the blood, we pretended they were getting oxygen from the lungs by coating them with red paint and then added them to the water/plasma.
This was the result....a somewhat gross looking jar of 'blood'. Miss K thought it was cool and disgusting at the same time.

We then moved onto the lapbook...

The mini book was from Evan moor's

Monday, January 2, 2012

Science for the week: Human Body lapbook

We are so excited about this project I wanted to put up so 'before' pics
The lapbook is abit different this time as it needed to incorporate a life size model. I decided to use a big piece of poster board and trace around the piwis....

Mini Piwi                                                              Miss K

The poster board was then folded into a lapbook...

The other side, when unfolded looks like this....
I will add some more pictures as we fill in each section....