Monday, January 9, 2012

Spelling word list

We are moving through the sight word list quickly thanks to Miss K relaxing (a bit) about possibly getting something incorrect. I will not dwell on the fact that her Mother was eerily similar at that age...much...
To help I am experimenting with making the lists more informal looking. Miss K loves getting notes and drawings from her friends. She had asked me to draw some for her so I figured I could try and incorporate it into her lessons...
So last night I started on her spelling list and a math fact pretest (with a lot of 'help' from Mini Piwi) and it turned into this...

I wasn't too sure it was be very popular but Miss K was very happy and is still young enough to think my drawings are awesome!

Human Body lapbook: Digestion, guts and the inevitable poop jokes

To the Life size model Miss K added a stomach and small and large intestines

A review of the digestion process-Miss K put the events in the correct sequence...

Finishing up our discussion on all the different types of foods our body needs to stay heathy
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