Thursday, January 19, 2012

Human body lapbook: Move your muscles!

Copy work and activities
picking joint or muscle activity and label bob the skeleton...
websites we used:
Some fun facts we loved...Kidskonnect
videos and quizes Miss K reall enjoyed

Mini Piwi's Healthy piwi tot book

Hand tracing & gluing the steps to teeth brushing into a mini book

a mini coloring book of body parts we used when we sing Hokey Pokey and a flap book of all our body songs

Mini piwi shows off her work before moving onto her red links and cheese sandwiches

Learning the color red by gluing red foods (while trying out some scissors)

Human Body lapbook: Brainy Piwis

The lesson on the Nervous system was pretty popular as I had a surprise for the Piwis. We talked about the  the senses and the nervous system with some reading, copy work and some website research.

My surprize was the Learning resources Brain model I had got from amazon during the amazing toy sales at Christmas time. This product is awesome. It gives kids a great idea of the fragility of the brain and while not an accurate size it does make you realise the density and how much is packed into this amazing organ. The cross section is very clearly labelled with letters and color coding which you can then use with the manual to find the name of the area and what it does.

New history unit: Ancient Greece

Last week we moved from Ancient Eygpt to Ancient Greece. The first lesson centred around locating the Greek islands (thanks Google earth) and how the Greek Navy was formed by the Minoan King to protect merchants and travellers from pirates. Miss K colored a Navy ship and a map of the islands...
k12 hstory curriculum

k12 history curriculum
The ship has a picture of a bull on the sail and the lesson also included a look at 'Bull leaping'. This is an ancient sport that took alot of skill and courage if you watch some of the modern athletes that compete in Crete.