Saturday, March 10, 2012

Miracle-Gro kids green house review

We just picked up this little gardening kit for $10. It was perfect timing since we are starting our plant study.
It was fairly easy to put the greenhouse together and the piwis were able to do the planting themselves.
We have the vegetable version which includes Cucumber, tomatoes, eggplants and sweet peppers. Miss K is really excited and declared that she can't wait to try the veggies she grows. Wow I should have planted veggies years ago if that is the case! Should be a few days until we can record any growth on the chart that was also included.

Update: After 4 days there is no sign of any seedlings but the soil has started growing white whispy mold-ew! For the moment the Greenhouse is sitting outside until I get a reply to the email I have sent Scotts (who make Miracle gro) asking if this is normal. My past, somewhat limited, gardening experience has me thinking that moldy soil isn't a good thing! It is possible though that this is karma from all the times (in my childhood) I started up weird science experiments in Mum's hot water cupboard or the sun room and left them for her to find months later -sorry Mum!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cookies and Creme Cake Pops for Daddy's Birthday

Miss K had been counting down to the next party she could plan (it was sooo long since the last one - about two weeks!). Miss K saw the latest Family Circle magazine cover and decided we were making cake pops.

My cake decorating skills are not great so I was not very confident.  Thankfully this recipe for Cookies and Cream cake pops made it easy.  

The kids had a great time and could do a lot of the steps themselves. Daddy was pretty impressed!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gingerbread poems by Miss k

Miss K had been busy writing while I cooked lunch. When we all sat down she read me her poem about Gingerbread men. After lunch I showed her how we could 'publish' it. She was super excited and this was the result....She did a great job!
Miss K's Gingerbread man book and Mini Piwi's GB craft
The published poem