Saturday, April 28, 2012

Math on the go

Miss K has been doing really well with Place value, addition with regrouping and subtraction with regrouping!

She is so proud of herself and wants to keep practicing... Today we were out for an early Mommy & Miss K dinner (Daddy was with a very late napping Mini Piwi). While we were waiting for our order of Pho and Bun (it was an awesome Vietnamese restaurant) Miss K wanted me to quiz her with some "big' number questions. Using what we had, the chopsticks became the base 10 blocks, and the sugar were the 'ones'. That's what we call kiwi ingenuity lol!
my tofu 'bun'
Miss K's fav Pho

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yellow Fun for Mini Piwi

Mini Piwi has her own weekly theme now and she is enjoying the extra activities that are for her. She loves (and expects) to be involved in any activity anyway but she also wants to 'do school' like her big sis'. Thankfully there is usually some way to make the activities both grade school and Pre-k friendly.
For now we are focusing on colors and shapes. This week was Yellow themed. Our color books were
Brown bear, Brown bear what do you see,
10 little yellow ducks,
Red Hat, Green Hat
They could have been more 'yellowish' but Mini Piwi loved these three at the library this week so we borrowed them and read them over and over.

Mini Piwi has done some
  • cutting and pasting of yellow foods we found in the local supermarket circulars and old cooking magazines.
  • Made a sticker collage of big bird and his yellow friends...
  • Finger -Painted a giant banana
  • Coloring with every shade of yellow marker, crayon and colored pencil we found in our yellow scavenger hunt.
For more science based activities:
Mini Piwi and Miss K shucked some yellow corn and decided to make 'doll's from the corn husks, and pretended to be scarecrows with the corn silk. After all that I showed them how to bake corn in Aluminum foil and we enjoyed fresh hot corn with our lunch.
They also tried their hand at squeezing lemons so we could make lemonade and Vegan lemon cupcakes. Overall it was a fun theme although Mini Piwi reminded me tonight at dinner that she marches to her own drum beat. I asked her 'What color is a banana?' and she says 'no thank you Mama'.
Well you can't fault her manners!
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