Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mini Piwi's July 4th project

Mini Piwi is now 30.5 months

Last night while I was reading with Miss K, I overhead Daddy Piwi and Mini Piwi talking about apple pies and melons. After we finished a book, curiosity got the better of me and I poked my head around the door of the dining room. Mini Piwi was instructing Daddy to cut pictures from a grocery store flyer. When we got some time later I made her a little book and she stick all her pictures into it and made her 'picnic'. Today she carried it everywhere in her little carry bag we made for Summer Family bible time at our Parish.
 Talking of Family Bible time, Mini Piwi overcame her shyness this week and danced with big sis and the other big kids. Her fav activity still remains coloring the picture sheets with the crayons they have. Why are other peoples/toys/books so much more exciting than the one's you have at home?

This week we got some pictures of our outdoor fun  because I finally packed the camera!

We collected all our stickers together during a re-organizing of art supplies and Mini Piwi is making all sorts of things and we are finding them (all over).

Working on a Mickey mouse puzzle

My fav Pic this week!

Outside Fun

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mini Piwi's Prek Cat fun

Mini Piwi is 30 months old

Mini Piwi had Cats everywhere this week, and she loved it! Up until now her favourite (non mickey mouse) books have been anything that had Scarface claw in it....

 This week she discovered a whole new list of Kitty characters in our Cat book list. New favorites include Skippy Jon Jones and Bad Kitty. There was also Busy kitties (by John Schindel) which she had me read over and over so she could giggle at the kitten 'puddling' on the floor.

Before  we got to her tot book she made her own memory/match card game by gluing pictures of her Scarface claw and Salinky Malinky into colored card....

I wasn't too sure how into the tot book activities Mini Piwi would be so I just printed out a few sheets from
1 + 1 + 1 =1 C is for Cat pack. The dot pages were a hit!

Mini Piwi decides she wants to draw circles on each line instead of trace the line & she surprises me  at how well she holds the marker!

By the end of the week Mini Piwi had done most of the fun activities (in her own way!)

A kitty shaped folder with a GIANT pocket to keep all of the cards in.

 We tried out some moon dough this week was fun but had a really chemical smell to it!

Trying to spin a bottle cap on a straw like her big sis showed her

'making smoothies'

Monday, June 25, 2012

Independence day project

Over the weekend I made the Piwi's their own 4th of July pack....
The content of Mini Piwi's folder came from 2teachingmommies July 4th printable and (some are member only docs but most are free).
The contents of Miss K's Folder came from Lap book lessons 4th of July  and (some are member only docs but most are free).
We started off the project by learning about the origins and meanings of the USA flag. The Piwis used white crayons and water colors to create their flags and pictures of Fireworks. Miss K added 50 'stars' and the white stripes using the white crayon and then colored over this with red and blue paint.