Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Songs/ Poetry

grade 2 halloween

Yesterday we went and picked out Halloween Costumes and now Miss K is on a Halloween party mission. She convinced Piwi Daddy to take her to the dollar store for decorations this afternoon and tonight she was busy making some more. We have learn t not to interrupt the 'party process'. I was supposed to be helping her write a Halloween song but my ideas weren't up to par so I just sat on the couch being supportive (and writing up what we achieved today).
Eventually the song was declared finished, to my surprise the song had morphed into a pretty impressive poem! Again I learn a lesson, sometimes you need to just sit there, be there for spelling help and your awesome kid can work their own writing magic. However, don't make my mistake and call it a's a Halloween song people!

Miss K's Song:

Get Ready for Halloween
By Miss K. Grade 2

Halloween, Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween,
Let’s celebrate Halloween.
The Monster Mash and other songs,
Notes and spooky sounds,
From Monsters inside your head.
They come to you again and again.

Let’s put our costumes on,
And trick or treat all day long
Pumpkins are glowing
And Skeletons are moving
The black cats are meowing
Let’s get ready for Halloween

Monday, October 22, 2012

Charlie and the Chocolate factory Unit update

Instead of going with the spooky or pumpkin theme for Halloween this year, we are going with candy. We have been reading Charlie and the chocolate factory together and working on a lap book from Confessions of a homeschooler.
Here it is all finished:
Lap book cover

The reallife wonka candy factoy in IL, the factorie's rooms in the book, vocab definitions from the book,

Candy math, Time  line and book report

Miss K's candy invention, character outlines, how and where Charlie lived.

We just finished the book and the Piwis both loved it. (I suspect the amount of candy involved in the story is helped keep their attention!). 

Miss K was disappointed that we couldn't meet Willy Wonka or visit his amazing factory. However when I showed her the real life Wonka candy brand online she seemed feel better. Of this meant we needed to find some of the chocolate to try. To date we haven't found any of the chocolate bars in store but the kids did get a box of everlasting gobstoppers which seemed to to live up to their expectations.

These are the Unit activities I have planned (Along with the lap book).
  • Make an Ad for your new Candy invention: Lately we have been talking a lot about advertising so we are going to work on making an ad for the candy Miss K has invented as part of her lapbook. There is a printable here but I made up a simpler template.
  • Make a Dio-rama of your favorite room in the factory
  • Write your own Ommpa loompa song 
  • Watch the Movie & compare it to the book using a Venn Diagram

Other great links I found

Real life Wonka candies

Use the Wonka imaginator to create a piece of art and post it in the Gallery

Leaping into 5th grade's Charlie and the Chocolate factory Unit has some great Literature resources

Drawing Pilgrim threw an amazing Willy wonka themed party that has some cool pics that inspired me to make some candy themed halloween decorations...did I mention I was over the spooky Halloween theme?

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