Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eco-flash cards for learning Tagalog

Up until now I haven't posted a lot about our fairly informal Tagalog lessons. Last year I wrote about beginning Tagalog lessons if you would like more background.

We are learning Tagalog animal words this week. I was going to make up some flash cards myself but realized that it would be a fun project to do together. 

The cards were made from mostly re purposed paper and card. I had saved up some unused tot pack pictures, and used drawing papers. All we needed to print out was the Tagalog and English words.

Matching Tagalog words with English meaning for gluing onto the flashcards (sneaky memorization activity)

Mini Piwi was all about cutting out the words and pictures
Cutting up the boxes into cards

Some of our Tagalog flash cards
The recycling pile also supplied a flash card holder!
Wow, I'm am so pleased I didn't make the cards up myself. We had a lot of fun learning together. There were also some extra benefits I couldn't have predicted. The kids proudly showed the cards to Daddy and he naturally began working on their pronunciation. It was awesome to watch! Tonight, Miss K recalled the words for every single animal on the 10 cards we made yesterday!

Tagalog books on our bookshelf