Friday, January 18, 2013

Fish tank purse craft

The theme this week in Piwi Pre K is P is for Pets. The first kind of pet Mini Piwi explored were Fish. For each Pet this week we made a different page to add to Mini Piwi's Pet book. She glued the letter P onto this coloring page and counted fish stickers as she added them to the page.

To hold her little fish toy and shell collection we made a fish tank purse.

All you need to make this is:
Two Paper Plates
Colored paper
Crayons or paint

We made a 'fish' by from the outline of Mini Piwi's hand. She colored the 'water' in the tank with every shade of blue she could find in our crayon collection.

Big Sis cut the top of the paper plate to look like a fish bowl

The fish was glued to one of the plates and 'glitterized'

A ribbon handle was stapled to the top of one plate and the two plates were taped together.
Mini Piwi was very proud of her new purse!
There were a lot of fish themed books at the Library but the ones that we read about Fish for Pet week were:

A fish out of Water by Helen Palmer ( This was me reliving my childhood with a classic...oh and the Piwi's like it too lol!)

Mr Putter & Tabby feed the fish by Cynthia Rylant. A funny book about a cat with a fish problem. Tabby reminds me of most cats I know who treat fish tanks like their own HD TV. The Piwis thought Perry would be the same with his twitchy tale.


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