Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fluffy Sheep fun

This week in Piwi Pre K is all about S for Sheep. Our first book to explore was Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton. Poor Russell can't fall asleep and he has tried every thing! After reading the story we looked at each illustration again and asked Mini Piwi how she thought things in the pictures would feel. Rob Scotton did a great job at making the Sheep look so soft and fluffy!

 Mini Piwi made her own fluffy Russell with a Paper plate and cotton balls. Apparently it looked suitable fluffy to Perry the cat, because I caught him licking it -ew!

To practice letter tracing we made up another Paper plate sheep complete with an S. The S is covered with several layers of invisible tape to make it raised and to protect it from some of the things we plan to put on the plate this week. 

First up was rice. Here Mini Piwi is searching for the letter and then tracing it. She was super excited to play with the rice and made piles with it before scooping it back onto the plate.
It would be really neat if the Piwi's could visit a farm with some baby lambs in the Spring but I'm not sure there are many Sheep around here. Miss K visited a sheep farm in Auckland, New Zealand during our last trip home but Mini Piwi hasn't see them yet. If the Piwi's grew up in New Zealand Sheep would not be such a novelty.


 Fun fact: The population of New Zealand is approx. 4.43 Million (source), we have 31.1 Million Sheep (source) That's about 7.5 sheep per person.You don't need to travel too far to see a sheep -or a thousand. Still. for me, there is nothing cuter than lambs frolicking in the green spring paddocks (that's a British/Kiwi word for a field).