Monday, January 21, 2013

Dr King & Harriet Tubman

Last year Miss K and I read and enjoyed the Drinking gourd, so this book was a step up.  It is a new (Jan 2013) biography of Harriet Tubman by Grace Norwich (Scholastic). It has a recommended reading age of  7 years and up. Miss K could read most of it herself. Instead, we chose to read it together so I could answer any questions she had. It is dealing with some pretty serious topics for a 7yr old such as slavery, the bad treatment of slaves and racism. Harriet Tubman’s life and work for civil and woman’s rights is inspiring to say the least.  Books like this make it easier for our children to understand that they live with equal rights today because of the sacrifice and courage of women like Harriet Tubman.  Although it is marketed as a children’s book I think that even adults who would like a simple outline of Ms. Tubman’s life would enjoy this book.
This title is the sixth in the Scholastic 'I am'  biography series written by Grace Norwich. Number four is about Martin Luther King Jr. We should have read this too because we had a lesson planned today for MLK day. Never mind we can look for it at the library this week.

Miss made a chart comparing Harriet Tubman and MLK

Mini Piwi made a paper doll chain to symbolize Dr King's dream of a world where everyone lives in peace together.

Mini Piwi wanted to decorate her kitchen with the Paper dolls

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