Saturday, January 19, 2013

P is for Pet week

This week I encouraged Mini Piwi to draw with the crayons blank paper rather than tracing anything. I left the printables for the week in her work boxes. After last week's dislike of all things printed I didn't want to push them. However, she did grab a couple by herself and trace some lines with Big Sis.
She really likes this sorting activity from our Mailbox Ocean theme kit. We sorted by colors, sizes, types of creatures or plants. The same evening we learnt about setting up a Fish Habitat. We used Jello for water, crushed cookies for gravel and added a few different kinds of 'fish'. The recipe is here
 It was a very popular lesson snack.
Our second Pet fish day, we made a Fish tank Purse.
 Mini Piwi filled it up with her fish bath toys and the shells she collected on our vacation

Mini Piwi wanted a folder like big sis's lapbook so we added her Fish is a Pet pages: Adding the letter P and Fish to the coloring page (Mini Piwi wanted to paste the 6 letters on top of each other) and counting fish stickers into the purple tank.

We planned to make a trip to the Pet store so we talked about the difference between turtles and tortoises. I surprised the kids with Tortoise lunches to show how they lived on the land most of the time. We had seen a turtle habitat last month visiting the aquarium at Moody. We hoped to see some Tortoises at the store.

 Mini Piwi played with her food and then the grilled cheese turtle was history
Cat day involved a hunt for the letter P in a pretend cat litter box. Nasty? Yes. But there was no doubt Mini Piwi new the letter P after multiple 'scooping sessions'. This was our gross sensory bin.
 A cat made from Shapes.

 The week of pets was wrapped up with a very fun trip to the Pet shop. We regularly visit the Pet shop. To make it different this time but we spent a lot more time looking at each animal and asked the ladies there lots of questions.
There was a tortoise and turtles there so we were able to compare their habitats. At the end of the visit we purchased some cat food and small toys and added it to the donation bin for our local Kitty rescue. Our kitty lived in a similar DFW Rescue center for two years before he chose us so we try to help out these hard working rescuers where we can. Here is a snapshot of some of the fun we had...

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