Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pre K Monet

Mini Piwi had her own Monet Art class while Miss K was working on her Monet Lapbook and Art study.  We looked at the series of Monet's Water lily paintings and  I made up a story of a frog that lived in the pond. Mini Piwi decided ducks probably lived there too and asked to go feed them lol! cute!

We started off with Painting with water....

When the Monet style art lesson was ready to go Mini Piwi added green leaves with Oil Pastels. In stead of the water colors Big sis was using Mini Piwi went with dot markers...

She 'washed' her painting with water....

The water made a great effect with the 'dots' and acted a lot like water colors with the pastels. We were all very proud of her first artist inspired Masterpiece.

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