Monday, January 28, 2013

Pre 'writing' with a brush

A few weeks ago Mini Piwi didn't seem to me having much fun with the printables we had been using. It may have just been a grumpy week but it made me think more about other ways she could practice pre-writing skills. Last year was all about cutting, glue and glitter. At the moment we are going through paint like anything so I figured we should start with that! This week we did some paint and pigment 'writing'. Here are two fun ways we used to introduce letter formation to Mini Piwi.

Oil & water 'writing'

To begin with I demonstrated painting lines and swirls with water colors and then Mini Piwi had a go...

For the Oil and water activity the letter R was in Oil Pastel. Mini Piwi traced it with her brush. Because of the fun effect water colors have on pastels she was really trying hard to paint right on the lines!

Disappearing letters.

Mini Piwi made lines and swirls onto coffee filters, with markers. I added a few letter Rs.
Next we laid out all the decorated filters on the Kitchen counter.

Mini Piwi then used a little squeeze bottle of water (a recycled trial size shampoo bottle) and traced the outline of the letters with the stream of water. Here she is wondering what happened to the letter R!
Her favorite effect was from a bright pink and red marker.

We made a lot...
 Big sis has claimed them for a project next week.