Thursday, January 24, 2013

Secret Valentines

This late night inspiration was an extension of our oil pastel and watercolor experiments.

We wrote our messages on white paper with a white oil pastel.

To reveal the message the Piwis 'washed' the paper with watercolors...

We made a lot of Valentines like this  today, some we put away for next month but a quite a few got painted. Mini Piwi especially loved watching the pastel repel the water. Talking of secrets I picked up this new Splat book for the Piwi's. I am saving it for valentines week. We love anything Splat but the flaps make it even more fun. In this book Splat is trying to find the perfect Valentine's gift for his teacher. I am pretty sure the kids will think it is awesome when I bring it out on Monday
Love Splat came out last Valentines day and we read that year-round.

These are the best pastels I have used with the Piwi's. They are affordable, smooth and don't break as easily as other brands.

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