Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Books to read and make for little helpers

Mini Piwi and I read two new books together: board books are written by Hazel Hutchins and illustrated (very cutely) by Gosia Mosz.

Cat Comes Toois about a little Kitten who follows her person up to the attic and gets into all sorts of mischief.  The words are repetive and fun to say, like  'to tippy and too Lumpy and bumpy'.

Dog Comes Too is about a little dog that joins his person on a hike up a big hill. Like the kitten he also small and has to find ways to overcome obstacles. This book introduces cause and effect to lil ones, for example, the water is 'too deep' so he takes a 'big swim'. There are several words that are repeated throughout this book as well.

 After reading both titles several times Mini Piwi was enjoying 'reading' from memory or using the pictures to guess what it says. There is also a little friend throughout the book that Mini Piwi loved finding on each page.

Being fun and bright and in board book format, they are definitely ideals for toddlers and Pre-K. However, it it could also be used for early readers because of repetitive text and pictures kids can infer text from. I would recommend purchasing this for babies and toddlers as it is one they will enjoy for years to come. If you are checking it out of your local library (when they purchase it :-)) then it would be great for 0-5 years.

We extended the books with an activity because I felt it touched on a current frustration for 3 year old Mini Piwi. She is often left feeling disappointed when she can't do everything she sees her big Sis doing and often refers to her self as 'too small'. We used the book as a way to talk about all the ways she can help.

Using all her ideas I made up a little book for her to make and illustrate with stickers.
Find the printable for this project here: I'm not too little to help mini book

Make your your own I'm not too little to help mini book (free printable)

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