Thursday, February 28, 2013

Comparing City vs the Forest habitiat -The Lorax

Urban vs. suburban
Mini Piwi built two very different types of ‘houses’ to extend our (approx 20th) viewing of the Lorax movie. We love the book but the movie really appeals to our wacky sense of humor around here! It is not unusual for the kids to be singing the songs from the movie at full volume. Daddy Piwi hasn't seen it as often so he thinks we are all a bit nutty lol!
At the park she made a little one from leaves, acorns and twigs.
nature at the park

nature at the park

 Later at home she made was a big colorful plastic one from her mega blocks.  We talked about who could live in the houses. She decided lizards and squirrels would like her acorn house and mickey mouse would like her mega block house.
block ideas
Why Lizards? It was a nice sunny day at the park and the lil lizards were sun bathing on the tree!