Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY Glitter paint

The Piwi's love paint, all kinds of paint. We do have it in small quantities but we don't have all the different one the Piwi's drool over in craft sections. We have learn't the hard way that paint does not relocate very well.

Instead of buying different types of paints I  have been experimenting with our existing art supplies and trying to come up with different ways to use it.

This week's inspiration was glitter paint...

Basically we mixed glitter glue and paint -sounds simple enough until I tried it. If you mix tempera pain and glitter glue together it makes a thick goopy lumpy paint. The glitter no longer sparkled in the light. It was still fun to paint with though as it was a different texture and dried extra glossy.
Here is picture Mini Piwi  painted from this version:

After a bit of experimenting we found a way to make the glue and paint mix so that the glitter wasnt covered in paint.

Hows how:
  1. Squeeze your chosen paint onto a tray 
  2. Swirl the glue onto the surface of the paint 'blob'.
  3. Leave it alone for about 5 minutes and the glue will begin to mix with the paint.
  4. Paint!

Mini Piwi had great fun!

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