Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lenten Family tree project

I found a beautiful poem based on centuries old story that traces the wood of Jesus's cross back to its creation in the garden of Eden. We read 'The Easter tree' by Fr. Victor Hoagland  and then continued the 'Tree of life' theme by creating a family tree display.

We did have big piece of art paper but they seem to have disappeared.  Instead Miss K glued lots of recycled art paper together to make something large enough for all our branches.

 We colored in the tree and made a leaf for each member of our extended family. The Piwi's drew pictures of each person or things they like.

Before gluing on the leaves we labelled the roots of the tree God to remind us that God the creator  is the root of all our lives. The trunk we labelled Jesus to remind us that he is what anchors the branches and leaves of our family tree.