Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting ready for Valentines day-gifts and decs

The Piwi's have been busy getting ready for Valentines Day this week. Miss K is a natural party planner and it looks like Mini Piwi is now her apprentice.

I made these multiplication 'broken hearts to practice her times tables. She matched them up and then decided to tape them together so she could turn them into a Heart banner for Valentines day.

Mini Piwi made a basket of flowers for Miss K from the dyed coffee filters she made when we were tracing marker letters with water. She has them hidden in her 'stash' to give Big sis. Mini Piwi has taken over a cupboard and stores all her treasures there. It is known as her 'stash'. If you can't find something it is most likely there.

Mini Piwi made some paper plate valentines cards which were later used to decorate the fridge after Miss K put her copy work there.

 The kids made felt toys for Perry the cat. I had previously punch holes in the edge of Mini piwi's felt so she could use a plastic needle and yarn to stitch around her one.
 Miss K blanket stitched her one....I'm pretty sure Mr Perry will be happy with his gifts!
 Mr Perry had decided not to eat the wet food Piwi Daddy had purchased in a case of 24 last week. I was going to take it down to the local Petco and donate it. Miss K had a better idea and to wrap them up individually for the cats at the local rescue center we visit frequently. The Piwi's aren;t old enough to volunteer but they are allowed to the adoption events and hang out with the kitties. We are going to take the gifts down over the weekend and give them their valentines gift.

 Tonight we made decorated chocolates. This time it was just melted chocolate. The food processor didnt come out like last week's recipe for 'old school chocolate'. Last week's cacoa nibs are probably preferable though as this red colored chocolate was near flourescent!

They were supposed to be for Valentines dessert but this plateful disappeared pretty much as soon as I took the picture. Thankfully there are still plenty!

Mini Piwi chilled out after the chocolate with Splat the Cat new Valentine book

Happy Valentine's Day from the Piwi's!