Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Letter of the week: S for Sheep

Sheep week started off with us reading Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton.  Mini Piwi made her own Fluffy Russell and enjoyed the first sensory plate of the week, aka. Bob the sheep.

Link to activity

Link to activity
 later on the week Mini Piwi got to 'shear' Bob's foamy wool and find the S to trace.
 The Shaving foam didn't stay on Bob for long.
This seemed to concern Perry the cat

At the library we found a second Russell Book. A thoughtful and creative Miss K, came up with a game to go with the book .In Russell and the Lost Treasure by Rob Scotton,  Russell comes across a map and goes on a hunt for Treasure. Miss K made up a treasure map for us and hid our many stuffed sheep toys. Mini Piwi thought it was great fun. 

One of our favorite sheep books is Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw. The last page about the cheep jeep always makes us laugh! This book had a two part project. First Mini Piwi made wrap up sheep...

and then we made a Jeep!

The Mailbox theme kits got a work out again. Mini Piwi enjoyed some of the Nursery rhyme and Farm Folder games this week
Miss K had been asking for us to do another sewing project together so we made sock puppets from Daddy's old socks. Miss K stitched, I guided and Mini Piwi glued on eyes and tongues. Meet the new Sheep puppets.

Link to activity

Link to activity