Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Piwi kid sewing lessons....Teddy clothes

After completing our sock puppet project Miss K announced she was ready to hand stitch a Valentines day dress for herself. We compromised and agreed on a dress for Blue teddy. Miss K loves all her stuffed Animals but Blue Teddy has been top dog bear for the last 6 years. Of course, Mini Piwi 'needed' to have a dress for her Pink teddy as well.

Felt seemed the easiest option since it wouldn't need hemming or finishing. It is also easy to hold onto and doesn't flop around too much when you are stitching it. The only downside is that it is a bit thick for the larger needles we have have been practicing with up until now.  For example Miss K helped me stitch up this Cat sweater (knitted by Grandma) with a darning needle. We tried a thinner needle for this project. Miss K did really well!

Miss K sat patiently while I measured up blue teddy and drew a pattern for the bodice dress. There weren't too many options for 10" rotund Carebear dress patterns on Google :-)

 The skirt was a piece of felt twice the circumference of Teddy's tummy. Miss K wanted a longer skirt, Mini Piwi wanted it to be like a ballerina.

Miss K stitched the side seams and attached the roses. I helped her out with the gathered skirt.

The teddies had a fashion Show....
 Perry had to be in the middle of the Photo shoot