Sunday, March 10, 2013

Turn your Preschooler into a Scientist for the day -for Volcano week

We had a whole week of Volcanoes but Friday we went all out so Mini Piwi could be a scientist for a day.

A Scientist needs a uniform so Mini Piwi made her own vest from a paper bag I had cut up for her.
Decorating her vest with a Shape Volcano

For her first 'job' She and Big Sis erupted the Volcano she had made earlier on the week...

we started just with a few drops of colored vinegar on the Baking soda to show represent how the pressure on the magma builds and builds until...
the Magma spills over into the outside of the Mountain and becomes a Lava flow (when we added lots of Vinegar).

For Lunch we made what we called Volcano Buns. It was really a traditional Filipino Snack called Puto which we also added a savory filling to so it would 'erupt' as it steamed.

And how does a Pre-K Volcanologist wash off all that mud and dust? With Lava Paint! Thanks to In Leiu of Preschool for this inspiration!

To see what Big Sis did for Volcano week click here

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