Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our Fun W is for Weather Unit study

Mini Piwi had a lot of fun with the letter W!
Thanks to all the inspiration I get from I decided to try out some trays with Mini Piwi. Here is what we did this week:

The first Snow tray was a size sequencing craft. The snowman is made from felt circles. Initially I only added the felt pieces to the tray. After she had completed the size sequencing and glued it onto the page I broke out the glitter dots and other decorations.

The second Snow tray uses the Snowman number match up cards from Little piles everywhere. For this activity we left the cards in one piece (later on the week they were cut up for a matching game). Using the toaster tongs Mini Piwi counted out the snowballs for the number on the card.

Sunny tray number one was a sun printed on a sheet of paper and folded into quarters. Mini Piwi cut the curve outline and then opened up the paper to find that she had made a circle!
Sunny tray two followed on from the first tray. We used the same procedure to cut two circles from fabric. Together we stitched the fabric together to create what Mini Piwi called her 'sun puppet'. This Sun was used later on the week for our Water cycle activity. See how we played with 'rain' and stayed dry here.

Mini Piwi and Big sis had lots of fun playing with Science in the bath. We created Chilly cloud soap, Stormy paint, Hail storm wash and a Sunny days bath. The directions and what they look like are all here.


To keep Mini Piwi busy while I was teaching Big sis Mini Piwi also: