Friday, April 5, 2013

Prechool Spring Themed Recycling Projects

Easter Sunday isn't the end of all the brightly colored eggs and fun crafts around here! We still have 7 more weeks to celebrate the Easter season. The kids have a list of crafts they want to make...

Our first craft was these cute magnets we made from Plaster and re-purposed molds.

For the circles and ovals we used some ice cube molds we found at the dollar store.

The plaster took about 30 minutes to harden and then the Piwis decorated I with tempera paints and glitter.

Can you guess what we used for these little flowers?

.....A Plastic egg 'carton'. We usually buy eggs in cardboard cartons. Recently we tried a brand which holds the eggs in this crazy two layered plastic carton. It seemed like such a waste of packaging I kept it and gave it a new job as a paint tray (and went back to cardboard cartons). Cleaning it off the other day I realized the bottom of each cup had a daisy like pattern.

We are planning on making the decorations into magnets. In the meantime they have became 'rainbow rocks' for Mini Piwi's Spring train town. Our egg carton flowers also made an appearance....

Last year we made hair garlands from egg cartons. We used the same technique again. For a different effect we used paint to decorate them (instead of oil pastels) . I have big plans for these flowers in next weeks trays...

While I am on the subject of recycling....This week we made over Miss K's little scooter. Mini Piwi has always wanted to be able to ride it like her big Sis and is thrilled to say it is hers now. Unfortunately she wasn't too keen on Princesses. The before picture....

 I was considering repainting the frame but Mini Piwi liked the pink. All we had to do was remove the princess stickers. She chose stars and New Zealand fern stickers to give it some sparkle....

 Mini Piwi loves it and is determined to be able to ride as well as the 'big kids'....Miss K is excited to be using a lighter scooter. At this rate I am going to need one too just to keep up with them!



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