Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Three day potty training -yup! It works!

No More Pull ups! Do the Potty Dance! I never thought I would be writing a post about anything related to the bathroom. However I really wanted to share the success we had and thank Crystal from Growing a Jeweled Rose for the clear plan she provided.

Growing a Jeweled rose's 3 day potty plan
Growing a Jeweled Rose

This time last week Mini Piwi was wearing pull ups and was showing no signs of giving them up. As I write this she is pretty much potty trained. I say 'pretty much' because as I am still putting them on her overnight –just in case- but so far she has been dry at night too.

I also have to give credit to Big sis who was awesome at reminding Mini Piwi too. She said later she didn’t want a puddle in her room –what ever her motivation it was great to have her help and we are proud of her too!

Our Potty kit!

Now that we are nearly a diaper free household we have taken on another potty training challenge...
Meet our new little furry bundle of joy....
Butter the Basset Hound
 Perry the cat is not very impressed but has decided to tolerate his new housemate because the puppy seems to understand that Perry is still the king of the castle (and Miss K's bed).

Have you got any good tips for Kitty and Dog harmony?