Sunday, May 26, 2013

Make your own Dinosaur 'Tea Set' with Tea Rex

When you think about Dinosaurs do you also think of Tea Parties?

You will once you have read Tea Rex By Molly Idle

Our Hostess Miss Cordelia loves giving Tea parties and can tell you all about proper tea etiquette. Her Dinosaur friends, however, play by their own rules!
It was a great introduction to irony for DD7 as the instructions on each page don't exactly match the pictures. For example, 'offer a your guests a comfortable chair' shows T Rex perched precariously on a dainty little pink chair.

The Dinosaur's Miss Idle created are my new Favorite Dino illustrations. They are definitely still  prehistoric enough to appeal to all Dino Fans but the T-Rex especially has cheeky charm about him. The Tea Party scenes are very sweet and reminded me of the many pretend Tea parties we have had over the years.

Inspired by 'Tea Rex' we decided to make our own  Dinosaur 'Tea Set'.

I showed the Piwi's how to make their own stencils by drawing an image on a piece of card or a paper plate....

....I cut it out the images for them.

The Piwi's agreed on Green paint and then they got to stenciling the images onto paper plates.

Next week Miss K wants to make matching cups. Mini Piwi wants to make a bonnet like Miss Cordelia.

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