Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Making a Pinata for our Kitty!

When your kids love pets and parties it doesn't surprise you when they announce that they are throwing a birthday bash for the cat.
I had plenty of warning too. Miss K started planning months ago. At the top of her list was a piñata. A cat sized one.

Perry the cat was going to be opening it himself so we went with a pull string design.  It took all three of us and it was messy but well worth the fun we had. Here is how we made it.

A small recycled  cardboard box is a lot easier to line (with a plastic bag) than a balloon. If you are going to be filling the pinata with loose treats you need to ensure they aren't going to come in contact with the paper mâché which could make your pet sick.

Our glue mixture was 1 part school glue and 1 part water and a 1/2 teaspoon of salt to prevent Mold growing.
 I had forgotten how long it took to rip up so much paper! After attaching a paperclip to the top (so the piñata could be hung) we gave it three layers of newspaper and one of white paper. It sat on the doorstep for the afternoon and by dinner time it was nearly dry!

Part 2. Decorating a fish piñata for a cat...

First a tail got taped on to one side.

Then I showed the kids how to cut 'fringe' strips and tape them onto the box.

Next we added eyes and fins....

And lined the box with a ziplock bag, secured by tape.

The treats were sealed inside and the kitty attracting ribbons were added.

Here's what happened when we gave it to the birthday boy!

He pulls some more at the ribbons...And it rained treats!

Perry spent the rest of his birthday snoozing and finding sunny spots but we like to think he had a good day. Happy Third birthday Perry!