Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Exploring The Chesapeake Bay with Iva Honeysuckle

The July Poppins Book Nook theme was all about Oceans and Beaches. I must apologize for the very late post.  We had an unscheduled break because of a last minute change in Curriculum. Blogging took a back seat to lesson planning and getting supplies together.

We wrapped up our summer by reading Iva Honeysuckle Meets Her Match .This title is the second Iva Honeysuckle book by Candice Ransom and illustrated by Heather Ross.

The book!

Summer at home is no place for an explorer like Iva! Thankfully her family has decided to take a vacation at Stingray point!  The beach doesn't seem too exciting until she hears the legend of 'Chessie'. Iva decides to prove the existence of Chesapeake Bay's very own Sea Monster. It will take all her determination and problem solving skills to solve this mystery AND get through the challenges of  vacationing with family and new friends.

What we thought!

Miss K (7) and I took turns reading this book aloud and really enjoyed it. It was a good mixture of mystery, adventure and American history. The relationships between Iva and her family were realistic and offered a chance for us to talk about sibling rivalry and better ways to solve disagreements. We are pleased to have another fun series to follow!

The Activity!

This month Miss K came up with her own activity to go with our book. We had been reading about Chesapeake bay while reading the book. Miss K was inspired to make a travel brochure from what she had learnt. I am amazed at how much information she has retained about the Chesapeake Bay estuary because of making her brochure. It has also turned into a series she calls 'Furry Friends discover'.  Her premise is that while we are not looking our Cat and Puppy travel to different parts of the world and report on the fun things they see. So far she has made 3 different brochures and a postcard by hand. The next one she wants to make on the PC.
I have found some other resources we want to use:
Read Write Think has a Postcard Creator tool for all ages
Basic 3 fold brochure template
4 Fold brochure template
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