Sunday, November 10, 2013

Using Music From Pacha's Pajamas to inspire Young Artists

Recently we reviewed the new double kids album Pachas pajamas: A Story Written By Nature. Our 3 year old, Mini Piwi, especially loves to dance to it in the car (not an easy thing to do). Our eight year old, Miss K seems especially inspired by the art that was featured in the book Pacha's Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature by Aaron Ableman.
All Pacha's Pajamas images are sourced from here

One afternoon this week she gathered up a load of art supplies and headed to her room. A little later she presented me with her version of what our Siamese cat, Perry, would look like if he attended the Music festival that Pacha and all of nature put on. Miss K is still working on what Perry would sing at the Festival.

Today we all sat done to work on creating a parrot that symbolized hope for the rainforest. Well that was the original plan. Mini Piwi announced she wanted to make her own.

The kids used  Learn to Draw Pets to sketch a picture of a Macaw.  If teaching art scares you like it does me, I would definitely recommend this as an easy(and cheap) way to introduce sketching to kids. As you can see even Mini Piwi was able to follow the step by step instructions

The pencil lines were traced with dark oil pastel and they set about adding color and patterns.
Robyn Forbes Koru Flipped at Shop New Zealand
We recently learnt about the Koru symbol used in New Zealand Maori carving. It is based on the shape of a fern frond and represents regeneration and hope for the future. Miss K loves the smudging effect of oil pastels so that’s how the background was filled.

Mini Piwi also added Korus and lots of colors. She named her parrot Sparky. Both Pictures have definitely brightened up the kitchen Art Museum (aka the Fridge).

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