Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tissue 'Painted' Wind Sock craft

Wind Socks are a great way for kids to 'see' the wind. During spring the kids flew their kites a lot. This craft lets us remember all the fun every time we catch sight of the wind sock hanging on the balcony.

Our Wind sock is made from a repurposed items and good ol' school glue! If you want to make your own I have outlined how we did it below:

Materials to gather together:

White School Glue
Old Mixing bowl
Large Paint brush
Empty oatmeal container
Patterned Napkins 
String or yarn

In the bowl, mix 1 part glue and water 

Unfold napkins and separate it's layers they have a plain white liner (you just need the patterned side)

Drape the napkin over the container and begin painting glue onto the surface.  Continue covering the napkin with glue until it is completely soaked. Repeat with more napkins until the container is completely covered.

 Depending on the colors and patterns on the napkins you may need to add a second layer to make sure the print on the oatmeal container doesn't show.

When the glue is completely dry use a sharp needle or compass to make some holes in the base -which is going to be the top of the wind sock ;-). This will be where you can thread the yarn or string you will hang it up by.

We used attached fabric wired ribbons to the open end of the container but regular ribbon, metallic ribbon, yarn or strips of fabric would look great too!

Thanks for taking a look at our project, I hope you get a chance to make your own!